Waianapanapa State Park

It’s not just a black sand beach. It’s a very special place for Hawaiians, where a Queen took refuge and legends were made, a sacred place one might say. There are romantic tales to be told and natural wonders that simply overwhelm the senses with an extraordinary coastline, lava caves and sea arches. Our expert drivers/guides will, “talk story”, and you’ll find yourself daydreaming back to an ancient time of love, passion, sadness, and even calmness, in Hawaiian culture. Our guests love the legends and history of Hana!

Waianapanapa State Park & Black Sand Beach

Waianapanapa, located just off the Hana Highway on the outskirts of Hana, is very special. Comprised of 120 tropical acres, it has many sights to see: a seabird colony, natural stone arches, sea stacks; the largest-known Hawaiian Temple, ancient lava caves, blow holes and anchialine pools. Waianapanapa means “glistening water” and when you see those illuminated waters on a sunny day and how they contrast against the pitch black basalt rocks and the resultant black sand beach, you will be in awe.