Palapala church was founded in 1864. The church, and its tiny cemetery where legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh is buried, is a popular stop on the road to Hana. People, especially those old enough to remember the historic flight of the “Lone Eagle”, are drawn here, as if on an aviation pilgrimage.

Serene Kipahulu

View From Kipahulu Point ParkThe Kipahulu area is incredibly beautiful, peaceful and tranquil. It is quite possibly the most remote spot on the island, as it is populated with the fewest people. Being here, even Hana seems to be a busy place. Kipahulu is ideally located on the side of the mountain where it gets just enough rain to stay green and lush, but experiences more sun than areas closer to Hana and along the north coast. To the south, beyond Kipahulu towards Kaupo, the land becomes drier and opens up into wide open grazing fields. Kipahulu is the last green lush area, just before the Tedeschi Winery. There just couldn’t be a better place to stop for a rest, some quiet reflection, taste delicious Maui inspired wines and take in the breathtaking views.

Like us, Lindbergh loved this part of Maui. He loved it so much that he wanted to, “breathe the sweet flowery air of Hana”, as his final breath. His wish was granted and was taken from his deathbed in New York City to Hana, back to his home in Kipahulu to fulfill his final desire.