Hana road one lane

Road to Hana – Top 10 Things to Do

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There is so much to do and see on the road to Hana that most people miss something that they wish they had the time for.  This is why Maui has one of the highest return rates in the destination travel industry. The road to Hana on Maui’s lushly rugged east side is a stunning [...]

Maui beach couple marriage

Maui Beach Weddings

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Maui Beach Wedding – Do it Yourself! Maui beach weddings are big business on Maui.   Being a professional photographer on the island for over 20 years I’ve shot many weddings, mostly back in the 90’s and several for friends since 2000.  Lots of people come here to get married because of the simplicity.  A [...]

White Ice Calathea

Maui Flower Farms in Hana

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Maui Flower Farms along the road to Hana One of the great things about a road to Hana tour is the opportunity to see and learn about the immense diversity of Maui’s tropical flower farms. Hana van tours are one of the best ways to see some outstanding examples of Maui flower farms.  One tour [...]

Fresh Maui Fruit

Maui Fruit Trees – Bananas and Coconuts

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Maui Fruit Trees Maui fruit trees produce some of the tastiest tropical fruits you may ever encounter. Although there are many kinds of fruit trees it would be difficult to list them all here, so I’ll stick with the two most popular ones: bananas and coconuts! Banana trees are one of the fastest growing plants [...]

Banyan Tree Lahaina Maui

Maui’s History is in the Trees

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The Koa tree was sacred in ancient Hawaii because it was one of the largest trees in the forest and was used to build the great voyaging canoes.  The first surf boards were also made from Koa.  Koa is endemic and can only be found in Hawaii.  The meaning of the word Koa in the Hawaiian language is brave, bold and fearless.  The Hawaiians saw all of nature as [...]

Trees of Maui Jacaranda

Maui’s Flowering Trees

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Almost all of Maui’s flowering trees were imported here from around the world. One of the most impressive of Maui’s flowering trees is the Jacaranda.The story of Upcountry Maui’s Jacaranda trees can be traced to Elmer F Cravalho.  He grew up in the Keokea area where the first trees seem to have appeared.  These brilliant lavender purple trees were originally found in Brazil but [...]

Claw Heliconia

Flowers in Hawaii – Maui’s Amazing Diversity

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Flowers in Maui Of all the many types of flowers in Hawaii the diversity that grows on Maui is a massive collection sure to impress even the most educated botanist.  There are many that most people recognize with ease. From the lily and rose to the always popular exotic tropicals, pretty much everything grows easily [...]