Survive The Hana Road in Maui, Hawaii

There are 617 curves along the road to Hana, also known as theĀ “Divorce Highway”. Our experienced Hana tour guides are knowledgeable of the driving etiquette which makes the journey oh-so-much more enjoyable for you, the passenger. There is an incredible amount to see, learn about and experience along the road to Hana. It’s not the destination but the journey that makes the Hana highway so wonderful and famous, most of which is hidden from site in the lush tropical forest along the way. Bamboo forests, rain forests, beautiful waterfalls, exotic edible fruits, Hawaiian legends, folklore, history and so much more.

Hawaiian Offering placed at the door of the house.View From The Road to HanaA red flower found along the hana road and in most gardens in Hana, Maui.

Valley Isle Excursions, Inc. takes you on one of the most breathtaking drives on earth through Maui’s tropical rainforest. 52 miles, 617 curves, 56 one lane bridges, (no, those are NOT typos!), pineapple fields, spectacular cliffs, bamboo jungles, waterfalls, tropical streams and pools, colorful and fragrant island flowers and rainforest vegetation are all to be enjoyed on your way to “Heavenly Hana”.

Roads In Maui Hawaii

The roads and Highways in Maui are known to be quite dangerous. The Hana Highway, Maui most dangerous, featuring twists and turns, many blind turns and distracting scenery. The extreme weather conditions that hit that part of the island takes out bridges and causes landslides, blocking the road. For many years access beyond Hana was limited due to poor state or non existent road as well as an old stone bridge that was slowly being replaced. Today, the access is better, the bridge has been replaced with a shiny new metal one and the dirt road gets graded often, filling in the potholes and clearing the boulders.

Take our word for it and avoid all the stress of driving. Learn, See and Do more with Valley Isle Excursions. We will take care of the driving, the meals and drinks while you fully relax and enjoy a fun filled day in the land we call “Heavenly Hana”. You won’t be disappointed.